Planted technology Seat Brackets


We are proud to carry Planted Technology Seat brackets for many makes and models, they are the highest quality available, hand built and designed in the USA. Part numbers are for specific model and passenger or driver configuration please confirm vehicle make, model prior to order.

The Planted Seat Bracket is a vehicle specific bracket used as an adapter between the floor of the vehicle and an aftermarket seat and it's accessories. Because the floor of each vehicle varies and typically is not flat, a vehicle specific Seat Bracket is required for installing an aftermarket seat. We create each seat bracket using the floor of the vehicle as a reference. We literally bring each vehicle into our development center so we can create the best fitting, bolt in, universal seat bracket possible.

Planted Seat Brackets are laser cut from 3/16 inch thick steel and hand welded to ensure weld penetration for superior strength. Each bracket is pre-slotted with hole patterns to accept sliders from most major seat manufacturers like Braum, Bride*, Cipher Auto, Cobra**, Corbeau, Momo, NRG, OMP, Racetech, Recaro, Sabelt, Sparco, Status Racing, Takata and more. There is extra space on the bracket for drilling your own hole pattern if using a slider with a less common hole pattern, or direct mounting a seat or side mount when eliminating sliders is preferred.

Oracle High Power SMD Reverse Lights


Oracle High Power SMD Reverse Lights

Oracle SMD backup or reverse lights are a direct replacement to the stock Camaro lights. Each unit contains 4 high power 1W LEDs. Kit includes drivers & passenger side lights.

ORACLE LED (SMD) back up light kits use high-powered surface mount diodes to produce brilliant luminescence that is easily visible even in direct sunlight. The back up lights are powered directly to 12V power without any inverter or other external device.

Oracle SMD Sidemarker


Oracle SMD Sidemarker

These are complete "plug and play" replacement sidemarker assemblies with high-powered SMD strips designed to mimic the look of the Camaro Concept Car! This is for a COMPLETE set of front and rear sidemarkers (4 pieces total). 2010-2014 Chevy Camaro Concept SMD Sidemarker lights are complete sidemarker replacements fitted with high powered 3528 Bridgelux LEDs that produce a laser-like appearance.

Afterburner LED Taillights


Afterburner LED Taillights

The features of the Camaro LED taillights have to be seen. Once installed, you’ll be the one that’s seen with the 176 bright LEDs on the back of your car. Our lights include the following show-stopping features:
RapidFire™ Brake Light – Each time the brake pedal is pressed, the brake lights flash three times in rapid succession followed by constant on. This feature is sure to wake up all the distracted drivers following your Camaro.
•AfterBurner™ taillight – The taillight mode includes all 20 primary LEDs lit but dimmed and 24 more LEDs arranged around the lower ¾ perimeter of each lamp.
•User Selectivity – Both the Sequential turn signals and the RapidFire brake lights may be turned-on or off, individually by the end user.
•Show-Off Mode – Let’s admit it. You paid a bunch of money for your new Camaro and have outfitted it with Technostalgia LED taillights…you’re ready to show-off to your friends and nemeses. Our Camaro taillights are fitted with a lead wire, when connected to any ground on the car, will cycle the taillights through all their cool functions. A great mode for a car show or late night cruise-in

Classic Design Concept Camaro Convertible Sport Bar


The Classic Design Concepts SportBar for the 2011-2013 Camaro convertible is specifically designed to enhance the visual appearance of your convertible while maintaining a professional & factory look. As with most convertible cars, the 5 Gen Camaro lacks definition where the coupe's sloping roofline has been removed. This product brings back that aggressive side profile and gets rid of that flat line that typically defines a convertible from the windshield back.

The SportBar also allows functionality of the factory wind stop offered as an option for 2011-2013 convertible Camaros. Instead of letting the thin, undefined wind stop rest on top of the rear seats by itself, the SportBar nicely frames this piece and is designed to maintain that aggressiveness while allowing the wind stop to continue decreasing wind noise and help retain your desired temperature set via climate control.

Davenport Motorsports Billet Sill plates


Davenport Motorsports Billet Sill Plates for 2010+ Camaro, Coupe or Convertible.

Give your sill's some attitude, replace the cheap plastic sill plates with our high quality Billet Aluminum sill plates. CNC cut, powdercoated in textered black with "Davenport Motorsports" milled into the plate.

OEM Carbon Fiber Finish Fuse Relay Cover


The OEM Carbon Fiber Finish Fuse Relay Cover is a direct replacement for your stock fuse relay cover. The Fuse Relay Cover features a carbon fiber hydragraphics finish with several coats of clearcoat applied. This finish will match other carbon fiber finish products you may already have.

ZL1 Engine Cover with Carbon Fiber Finish


ZL1 Engine Cover with Carbon Fiber Finish

2012-13 Camaro Zl1 engine cover with carbon fiber finish. Carbon fiber hydragraphics finish is first applied to the stock engine cover. Once this is complete the lettering is hand painted before several coats of clear coat are applied to seal the entire cover.

Strut Tower Brace with Carbon Fiber Finish


2012-13 Camaro ZL1 Strut Tower Brace with Carbon Fiber Finish. Carbon fiber finish and high gloss clear coat are applied to entire brace including the ends. For an additional $30 after carbon fiber finish is applied the ends can be automotive painted body color to match your car. This is a great addition to the other carbon fiber finish pieces that Roto-fab has for your ZL1.